Research lab & Consultancy

Innovative research and development in biotechnology and agrotechnology as well as advice and registrations.

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Laboraad is a research lab and works on sustainable innovation in agriculture and horticulture. Our lab specializes in product research, product development, product registration, organic certification, and patent rights.


Laboraad wants to support the agricultural sector in providing sustainable and high-quality solutions and products that contribute to circular agriculture and horticulture.


Laboraad has more than thirty years of experience in product research, product development and product registration in the field of agriculture and horticulture.


Do you have a product idea, or are you looking for a sparring partner?

ONTWIKKELINGSPROJECT: Terugwinnen nutriënten uit afvalstromen

There is an increasing demand for ecologically responsible nutrients such as renewable phosphate sources. Until now, the industrial and agricultural sector has always focused on allowing waste water and process water to flow back into the environment as cleanly as possible. The substances then filtered from the process water often have a complex composition and are now often landfilled, but this residue still contains valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. These elements can be recovered in circular processes and then reused in agriculture and horticulture, Laboraad B.V. developed these circular methods that enable recovery of these nutrients from waste streams.