duurzaam research lab


Laboraad is a research lab and works on sustainable innovation in agriculture and horticulture. Our lab specializes in product research, product development, product registration, organic certification, and patent rights.

Our specialists develop new sustainable soil improvers, bio-stimulators, fertilizers and cultivation substrates. In addition to our research projects, we also work on an assignment.


De land- en tuinbouwsector staat voor de grote uitdaging om in de toekomst de groeiende wereldbevolking op een duurzame manier te kunnen voeden.

Laboraad wil de agrarische sector ondersteunen bij het leveren van duurzame en hoogkwalitatieve oplossingen die bijdragen aan een circulaire land- en tuinbouw en voldoen aan de huidige regelgevingen.

Hiervoor levert Laboraad slimme oplossingen/producten voor iedere teelt.


Laboraad bridges the gap between the fundamental knowledge development of universities and the green research questions of companies. The lab works at the interface of a circular economy, innovation, and sustainability. The team always strives to find creative solutions and works at the limits of knowledge.


Laboraad has been located at Zernike Campus Groningen since 2017: a hub of knowledge development and innovative entrepreneurship. Startups and spin-off companies from the University of Groningen are working on realizing impact within the domains: "Healthy Aging", "Sustainable Society" and energy.


Laboraad is a team of specialists with diverse backgrounds in the life sciences and product development within agriculture and horticulture.

Our team is happy to think along with you, shares its knowledge and works every day to deliver quality. We are a growing lab and will attract new specialists presently to join the company.

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